Three Seeds

I opened my hand and closed my eyes and ask to hold my dreams.

I felt three drops fall in my palm and dropped my gaze to see.

Perplexed and amazed as I looked down,

I saw three little seeds.

Written on them a tiny script in golden lettering.

I took them home and planted them in a tidy tiny row

I watered them each thoughtfully and waited for them to grow.

Not knowing what would come of it, I thought of many things.

Maybe gold and silver or sparkly diamond rings.

Six months went by and then a year, seeing nothing of my dreams, I kept up the watering, as unlikely as it seems.

And then one day I went outside and fell upon my knees

Those three seeds had sprouted up and grown inside of me.

The dreams that I had asked for without knowing what they’d be, turned out to be blessing called mercy, peace and humility.

Published by Joyce E Brand

Writing for me is very cathartic and meditative. I have found it to be an outlet for inner conflict, doubt, worry, joy, love, peace, and the entire range of human emotion.

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