Winter Ghosts

It’s quite here now.

Our beautiful mother has asked us to be silent and still.

She has asks us to whisper and be respectful of what she has given us.

Life and death.

She asks us to die enough to live because she knows we can’t truly know life, without knowing death.

She asks us to join her in mourning as her children have begun to accept what’s been lost.

The last of their clinging is now in the past.

And it’s quiet here now.

She has called home the ones whose time had come.

And she rejoices in our mourning and stillness.

For in her nature she understands that passing is really beginning again.

She does not judge us for clinging, for even her trees cling to their leaves in desperation.

In quiet desperation

Letting go slowly at first.

One by one as their earth life fades away.

The wailing winds leave no chance for clinging, they sweep away the last of the dying.

It’s so quite here now.

Published by Joyce E Brand

Writing for me is very cathartic and meditative. I have found it to be an outlet for inner conflict, doubt, worry, joy, love, peace, and the entire range of human emotion.

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