The Autumn Side

Lately I’ve noticed that my shadow has grown

It’s scarecrow arms and thinning skin reaching for the other side of my life

The autumn side of life

Where the darkness grows long and the days retreat

I have come to love life on the autumn side

The way things sit a little easier in silence and I’m able to laugh and experience joy over the simple things

I thank her for the life she gave me and I will surely miss the smell of morning coffee and the smiles of my loves

I cherish each and everyone

Some days I mourn the time that is gone and I sit and reflect on the things that I’ve done

I wish things weren’t spoken, or some things were

But shadows don’t move in that particular direction

So we must we mindful of each moment we’re in and bless each day knowing that one day this moment too shall end

Published by Joyce E Brand

Writing for me is very cathartic and meditative. I have found it to be an outlet for inner conflict, doubt, worry, joy, love, peace, and the entire range of human emotion.

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