Coaxing a Rose from a Stone

How does she coax a rose from a stone?

Cold flat surface and non-dimensional plane.

Heavy burden of stone, lifeless, exhausted, no name.

Her days have moved forward with more days yet to come.

And like a stone she won’t let go of the things that she’s done.

And she sits contemplating the greatest of sin, treating each day as a means to an end.

Until one day a question came in the form of a prose.

Is there any way to coax a rose from a stone?

Is there any way to move a stone to rebirth?

No more counting on someone or something to show her self-worth?

So she sits at her table, a stone in her hand and reaches an agreement they both understand.

This life did not give her something already made, but provided the pathway to let her be brave.

So to answer the question that came from this prose;

How does one coax a rose from a stone?

The answer is simple, but the path isn’t straight.

It takes time, patience, bravery, and love to create.

Be good to yourself

Speak to yourself kindly. Show up for yourself by speaking what is in your heart. Show yourself that you are worthwhile by getting enough rest and relaxation. Love yourself unconditionally by forgiving yourself for your imperfections. Be gentle with your body by moving it daily and providing it with nutritious food. Be responsible with your mind by letting it have quiet time through meditation.


Helicopter arms are so much fun

Little hands stickier than a sticky bun

Dirty little feet that love to run

Energy enough for everyone

Face covered with god knows what

Stole my water bottle and my heart

Poured water all over the bathroom floor

Left me outside and locked the door

Laughing as he ran outside

Behind the curtains he runs to hide!

Mischievous grin, but the sweetest smile

Grandma sure loves her little guy


Thank you for the voice to speak when difficult words get stuck


Thank you for the space to heal when painful wounds are opened up


Thank you for the strength to stand, legs shaking with each step


And when I fall, I thank you so, for helping me get up


Thank you for the courage when I’m afraid to venture out


Thank you for the sword of truth to help defend myself


Thank you for the wisdom to look inside myself


To see that there is more to me than what was divvied out


Thank you so for sharing all the deepest parts of you


But most of all, I thank you all just for being you


Ode to my bed

Ode to my bed safe from all harm

I long for your safety

To spend the night in your arms

The sacrifices made just for my dreams

A bag of feathers plucked for my comfort

Four legs carved from a tree

Soft cotton cradle of comfort

I rest my heavy head on your bosom

A place for my tired bones

You beckon me to take refuge

Escape from the masses of the insane

The safety of my bed

My sweet reprieve



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